18 September 2019

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s “The Head”, produced in association with Hulu Japan and HBO Asia, is currently shooting

Álvaro Morte, Tomohisa Yamashita, Laura Bach, Mònica López, Alexandre Willaume, Katharine O’Donnelly, John Lynch and Amelia Hoy are part of the cast of this fiction series

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, Hulu Japan and HBO Asia are shooting the first series by Àlex Pastor and David Pastor in Spain, more specifically in Tenerife. Directed by Jorge Dorado (“El Embarcadero”, “Mindscape”) for 12 weeks, this survival thriller is set in one of the remotest places on the planet – Antarctica. The shooting is taking place in the Canary Islands and Iceland.

The Pastor brothers and Jorge Dorado have worked with Ran Tellem (“Homeland”), Head of International Content Development of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, in the creation of this thriller.

The project, one of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s major investments, took its first steps in 2017 at the prestigious International Series Mania Forum, held in Paris. The Head was presented at a pitching session and aroused great interest among representatives from the media and entertainment sector.

The series features an international cast, including John Lynch (“TheTerror”), Katherine O’Donelly (“Mary, Queen of Scots”), Tomohisa Yamashita (“Code Blue”), Alexandre Willaume (“Below the Surface”, ”Deep State”, “Tomb Raider”), Laura Bach (“Sprinter Galore”, “Rita”), Sandra Andreis (“Millennium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), Amelia Hoy (“Killing Eve”), spanish star Mònica López (“Hierro”, “In the city”, “The Uninvited Guest”, “Acusados”), with special collaboration from Álvaro Morte (The Professor and mastermind behind the ambitious robbery in “Money Heist”, “The Pier”, “El secreto de Puente Viejo”, “To Love is Forever”).

According to Javier Méndez, Chief Content Officer of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, “The Head is an example of the direction we’re headed in, with ambitious and complex international projects based on great stories. The Head is a major step in the Studio's strategy to guarantee that the best stories reach our clients around the world; to do so, we have excellent partner like Hulu Japan".

Laura Fernández Espeso, Corporate Director and CoHead of TV of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, commented: “The Head is the fruit of many months’ labor to meet deadlines when demand for content is huge. Having talent like Jorge Dorado and Àlex and David Pastor working from the beginning to build and shape this project, altogether with a great international cast and a prominent partner such as Hulu Japan, gives an idea of the magnitude of the project. It is a privilege for THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO to bring this amazing series to the audiovisual market".

The dark, long months in Antarctica, the cold, the wind and the large stretches of ice, along with the feelings of loneliness and claustrophobia, are the distinguishing features of this six-episode series.

The plot of “The Head”, with dialogues in English and Danish, is set in the Polaris VI international base, in Antarctica. A small group of scientists from several countries will be in charge of the base during the long polar nights. But in the middle of winter, the base stops communicating with the outside world.

“After a process lasting two and half years, we at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO are proud to bring this unique story to the screen”, explained Tellem. “’The Head’” is about Good and Evil. Our story begins when a group of people find themselves completely disconnected from the world, in the frozen darkness of the South Pole winter. For the unknown killer among them, this is the perfect setting. For everybody else, telling good from evil just might be the thing that saves your life.”

“In ‘The Head’, I made some contribution to the development, which is quite unusual,” director Jorge Dorado explains, “because directors normally join in at a much later stage. And this is very interesting, because this way, the story in a way becomes yours too.” The director also emphasizes the work of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO: “At the moment, no one else in Spain is doing projects of this magnitude and with such international ambition.”

Àlex and David, who have worked on the screenplays of “The Head”, along with Isaac Sastre, define the production as a “claustrophobic thriller with a central mystery.” “The series plays with two different times, because the idea is to find out who the murderer is, the reasons why they have done this, and if there is something else behind or beyond what seem to be a series of crimes,” they suggest.

The Pastor brothers have a brilliant track record in filmmaking with titles like “Carriers” and “The Last Days”, both written and directed by them, and “SELF/LESS”, written by them, directed by Tarsem Singh (“The Cell”) and starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds. They made their debut in the TV world with the series “Incorporated”, for the US channel Sy Fy, produced by Pearl Street Films, which is Matt Damon’s and Ben Affleck’s company. The Pastor brothers were in charge of the screenplay and the direction of the pilot episode. Recently, they have directed the film “Hogar” for Netflix.

“Pequeña Victoria”, co-produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, premieres in Argentina with excellent audience figures

The show was the most watched program across the day as well as notching up the best audience figures for a fiction series on Telefe in 2019

The Argentine TV station Telefe has recently premiered the comedy drama “Pequeña Victoria”, co-produced by Viacom International Studios (VIS) and Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) with excellent audience figures. With a peak rating of 17.3, it was the most-watched program across the day as well as notching up the best fiction series number so far this year on Telefe.

The series, based on an Erika Halvorsen Daniel Burman original idea, begins with the birth of a baby, which will bring together four very different women but with a common denominator: their love for the baby.

Jazmín (Julieta Díaz) is a successful executive who hired, without telling anyone, Bárbara’s (Natalie Pérez) belly, to be able to be a mum without the pregnancy getting in the way of her career. Bárbara accepts the deal in return for a cash payment to help improve the quality of her life. When she’s just about to give birth, she orders a cab to go to the hospital and on the way, she meets Selva (Inés Estévez), the driver, who helps her, takes the decision not to leave the side of the new born. By surprise Emma (Mariana Genesio), a transsexual woman sperm donor appears at the hospital. The all decide to break the rules of bringing up a baby and want to share the task forming a tight bond which comes not from the pregnancy itself but rather the relationship they develop with the baby.

The new fiction series starring an extensive cast features Julieta Díaz, Luciano Castro, Natalie Pérez, Inés Estévez, Mariana Genesio, Facundo Arana, Nicolás Francella and Daniel Hendler.

Roberto Leal goes in search of the most intelligent contestant on “Vaya Crack”, a game-show for the whole family

Any of us could be the best at one component of what is considered intelligence

“Vaya Crack” is the new family game-show for Saturday evenings on La 1. Presented by Roberto Leal, along with Pablo Ibáñez and Luis Quevedo, it sets out to show that intelligence is a multi-faceted phenomenon. An RTVE production with the support of Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) premieres on Saturday September 14th at 22:05 on La 1.

Aimed at viewers of all ages, “Vaya Crack” invites viewers to play from home challenging them to demonstrate that they can be the best at any of the facets that make up intelligence: logic, music, social skills, physical abilities, as well as linguistic and visual skills.

The game-show brings together contestants of all ages, educational backgrounds and professions who are put to the test with a series of interesting challenges (Memory games; musical tests; the wind tunnel; word games; true or false …). In total there are 52 possible games across the different programs. Contestants from around Spain include 18-year-old students, retirees, engineers, actors, performers, musicians, doctors, youtubers, real estate agents, funeral directors, the owner of a haberdasher’s and an MOT mechanic.

In addition, the program will also see a series of special guest appearances: the acting Science Minister, Pedro Duque, will put on his spaceman suit again, the magician Jorge Blass and the Michael Jackson Forever musical will bring the keys to their success to the program along with performers and presenters such as Alejo Sauras, Jorge Sanz, Paula Prendes, Elisa Mouliaá and Berta Collado.

“El Palmar de Troya”, a documentary series about the Palmariana Church, shortly on #0 on Movistar+

A Movistar+ original non-fiction production together with 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and 93 Metros

On March 30th 1968, four 12 and 13-year-old girls claimed they saw the Virgen Mary at Alcaparrosa Farm, a kilometer away from the small village of El Palmar de Troya, in Seville province. Weeks later, other villagers also claimed further appearances and in the summer of that year an altar was built that would later become Cristiana Palmariana Church. In June 2018, Ginés, the last Pope of El Palmar de Troya, and his wife attacked the church leading to a mass brawl. The attack uncovered a sordid world of scandal, possible sexual abuse cases, unlikely stories and a whole series of accusations thrown at the church and its congregation dating back more than 50 years who, for some, is a church and for many others nothing more than a sect.

“El Palmar de Troya” is a four-part documentary series which draws on hitherto unseen footage, fictional recreations and first-hand accounts from the former Pope Ginés, his wife and other key members of the community who were all part of the strange world which built up as a consequence of the original claims and which still attracts pilgrims from around the world.

The series is an in-depth account of the 50-year history and a step inside the world of the church and its congregation and the result of three years of documentary research.

"El Palmar de Troya” is a documentary series directed by Israel del Santo and produced by Movistar+ together with 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and 93 Metros. The four-part series will shortly be available on #0 Movistar+ (dial 7).

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO co-produces “El Discípulo del Chef” with Chilevisión

A new, big-budget, daring culinary talent show with Yann Yvin, Sergi Arola and Ennio Carota

THE MEDIAPRO ESTUDIO and Chilevisión are co-producing the new cooking program “El Discípulo del Chef”. Ennio Carota, Yann Yvin and Sergi Arola will be putting the 24 contestants to the test in this culinary talent show. Each of the international chefs will have a team of disciples who have to learn, develop and work in a team environment in the kitchen. The chefs will also be competing to defend their team members.

The first season of “El Discípulo del Chef” will see 24 episodes which are set to be broadcast on Chilevisión in prime-time. The show sets out to create a benchmark for similar entertainment programs with an innovative, fresh take on the cooking show. The program is slated for official presentation at the upcoming MIPCOM event, and is one of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s big non-fiction bets for the season.

“El Discípulo del Chef” is the first project from the co-production deal between THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and the Turner Latin America Group. It is part of the 5-year global agreement signed by both companies for the development and co-production of multi-platform content for Latin America.  

Fnatic Rising take home the spoils in the biggest League of Legends event of the year in the UK

Organized by LVP and Riot Games

The first live final of the UK League Championship (ULKC) took place at the iconic Twickenham Stadium in London on September 1st. With a full house and an enthralled crowd, Fnatic Rising were crowned champions in the year’s biggest League of Legends event in the UK. Organized by LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) and Riot Games, was supported by sponsors such as HyperX, Wanyoo, Chillblast and GTOmega.

In the emblematic rugby stadium, the UKLC reached the climax of the 2019 season, with Fnatic Rising winning for the second consecutive year beating out Excel UK in the final. In the first hotly contested map, Fnatic got ahead early and staked their claim for the overall win. The second map saw Fnatic consolidate their advantage but the third map saw Excel UK counterattack and wining it easily. The fourth map saw Fnatic re-establish their control and in the end ran out easy winners. After four intense, exciting matches, the Fnatic Rising players were crowned champions in front of hundreds of fans celebrating their first ever UKLC win.

2019 was the UKLC’s kick-off year, the official regional league in the UK and Ireland created jointly by Riot Games and LVP. The nine best League of Legends teams in the UK fought it out for top spot in the “The Tower” format, as well as a sport in the grand finale. In addition, the Forge of Champions tournament allowed “amateur” teams a chance to get into the league, offering any player who was good enough to reach professional status and join the UKLC.

The schedule of regional leagues doesn’t stop here with both finalists - Excel UK and Fnatic Rising – now going on to represent the UK and Ireland in the European Masters, from September 9th. The best teams from 13 regional leagues will fight it out to be European champions, a competition that that ends with the final in Vienna on September 29th. An excellent opportunity for the players to demonstrate their abilities and the chance to take part in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

MEDIAPRO provides audiovisual production services for the Spanish Indoor Athletics Championships

Eumovil, responsible for the broadcast of 42 different events with more than 600 athletes taking part

The MEDIAPRO Group, via its company Eumovil, was responsible for the production of the Spanish Indoor Athletics Championships which took place from August 31st to September 1st in La Nucía (Alicante). Over the two days of the event, the company covered all the different disciplines with more than 24 hours of broadcasts on Teledeporte and across social media.

A fifty plus team was behind the production which saw a total of 608 athletes take part in 42 different events. With more than 20 cameras they were able to provide excellent viewing angles, slow-mo as well as mini cams for the field events: pole vault, discus, hammer, long jump and high jump. The feed was distributed both for Spanish and international viewers and via the RFEA’s social media accounts. Fans were able to choose from four different feeds at any one time.

Eumovil is a long-term RFEA partner providing broadcast services for coverage of all its different competitions.

MEDIAPRO takes part in the workshop organized by LaLiga to present the TV production upgrades for the upcoming season

Representatives from TV networks from 80 different countries attended the event held in the Basque Country

MEDIAPRO took part in the workshop organized by LaLiga, in the Basque Country. The international broadcasters who attended for the event got to see first-hand all the TV production upgrades for the 2019 – 2020 season.

The event program included visits to the Real Sociedad and Athletic Club grounds, where the two clubs provided guided tours for the more than 80 TV networks from around the world. The group visited the new Real Sociedad stadium, the Reale Seguros Stadium and its latest generation facilities. Athletic Club also showcased the new San Mamés and invited all the attendees to the Basque derby between Athletic Club and Real Sociedad.

The principle objective of the workshop was to raise awareness for international broadcasters of the services provided by LaLiga and MEDIAPRO, the LaLiga exclusive distribution and production agent for all league matches across the season.

This is the fourth edition of the workshop, with previous being held in Barcelona in 2016, in Madrid in 2017 and Seville last year.

MEDIAPRO CHINA, at the Belt Road Media Community Summit Forum

The Chinese office is one of the most recent additions to the MEDIAPRO Group

MEDIAPRO CHINA has recently taken part as a Board Member of the Industrial Cooperation organization in the Belt Road Media Community Summit Forum (BRMC), held in Beijing on September 10th. MEDIAPRO was the only Spanish company invited to the event organized by China Media Group together with Belt Road Media Community.

The BRMC governing board was created in 2019 set up to tackle new business environments with new developments and challenges. The organization established four professional committees, centered on the audiovisual industry: exchange of information, integrated communication, a co-operation program and industrial co-operation.

Mediapro China presented itself as a link between the exchange of audiovisual content from China and the rest of the world.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, at the Pixelatl animated film festival

Spain was this edition’s special guest at the event held in Cuernavaca

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO was part of the Spanish delegation which attended Pixelatl, the animated film, video-game and comic festival. Spain was the special guest country for this year’s edition held in Cuernavaca (Mexico) from September 3rd to the 7th. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO is currently working on the development of its first animated film project “Mudanza Dimensional”, which it is co-producing together with a Rokyn Animation. This comedy for all the family is based around universal values and features the actor, comic and script-writer Joaquín Reyes alongside the writer Miguel Esteban in charge of the film’s script and will also be directing the project with Manuel Sicilia.

“Mudanza Dimensional” is a look at the adventures of Lali, a small girl with a big imagination and a great sense of humor, but who’s not the most popular kid in school and where Andus does his best to ruin her day. The 9-year-old is happy to be told that the family is moving house and school but…the family’s going to X-222, a new dimension where there’s no room for Monstruo, Lali’s imaginary friend who’s been by her side forever. Roboto, a robot in charge of the move and Mr. Chot, a hamster with aerophagia, are some of the other characters.

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