12 June 2019

Woody Allen to begin filming in July of his new movie produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO with Gravier Productions

Starring Elena Anaya, Louis Garrel, Gina Gershon, Sergi López, Wally Shawn and Cristoph Waltz

The filming of Woody Allen’s 51st film, production title WASP2019, and as yet, without an official title, will take place in San Sebastian from July 10th to August 23rd.

The film features a first-rate cast made up of international and Spanish actors including Elena Anaya ("Wonder Woman", "The Summit", "The Skin I Live In", "Sex and Lucia"), Louis Garrel ("Godard Mon Amour", "Love Songs", "The Dreamers" and "A Faithful Man", which he also directed), Gina Gershon ("Killer Joe", "Bound", "The Insider" and "Face Off"), Sergi López ("A Perfect Day", "The Next Skin", "Pan’s Labyrinth", "With a Friend Like Harry"…), Wally Shawn (veteran actor who has worked with Woody Allen in films such as "Radio Days", "Shadows and Fog" and "Manhattan") and Cristoph Waltz ("Django Unchained", "Inglorious Bastards", -and Oscar® award-winning roles-, in "Carnage" and "Spectre").

The film tells the story of a married American couple who go to the San Sebastian Film Festival. They get caught up in the magic of the festival, the beauty and charm of Spain and the fantasy of movies.  She has an affair with a brilliant French movie director, and he falls in love with a beautiful Spanish woman who lives there.  It is a comedy-romance that resolves itself in a funny but romantic way.

“At MEDIAPRO we've been working with Woody Allen for 14 years. His films, like every project the group produces, have a unique personality. This latest movie has all the ingredients to be right up there along with what we've become accustomed to from a director of Woody Allen's talent: an intelligent script and a first-rate international cast. In addition, we're delighted to be able to shoot the movie in a city such as San Sebastian, which has such strong ties to cinema”, commented Jaume Roures, founding partner of MEDIAPRO.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, the latest brand from the MEDIAPRO Group and whose objective is unique content creation worldwide, co-produce the Woody Allen movie.

This is the 4th collaboration between the Group and the prestigious director and screenwriter after MEDIAPRO produced "Midnight In Paris", "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger" and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", films which won two Oscar® awards, among other prizes and international recognition.

This will also be the 4th collaboration between Woody and renowned award-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

PHOTO: “Midnight in Paris”

MEDIAPRO successful as host broadcaster at the final of the UEFA Champions League and the production of the international feed at the UEFA Europa League final

A huge deployment of both staff and technical equipment made possible the production of both sporting events

The MEDIAPRO Group was chosen by the UEFA as host broadcaster for the production and distribution of the host signal for the match between Tottenham and Liverpool which took place in Wanda Metropolitano stadium, a worldwide event which viewers were able to follow across the global in the best image quality thanks to MEDIAPRO’s expertise.

With a potential audience of 400 million viewers, 43 cameras, 25 broadcasters, 96 km of fiber optics, 1,800 accredited journalists, 130 TV and radio commentator positions and a 12,000 m² TV compound, the event involved an unprecedented deployment of resources to offer the best coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final and the highest image quality for international distribution by MEDIAPRO.

MEDIAPRO deployed more than 150 professionals and 43 cameras at the event which enabled viewers to follow all the happenings both on and off the field. A helicopter, 8 Super Slow, 2 Ultra Slow, 2 behind the goals Travelling cams, 2 Ultra Slow Pole Cams, Aerial Cam, 5 Tactical Replay cams, 3 Beauty shot cams, 2 Net cams, 2 cameras exclusively to cover fans, 7 cameras for the teams’ arrival and 5 tunnel cameras to cover players entering the field of play.

The Group rolled out its state-of-the-art technology for the retransmission and the match was produced in 4K and HD quality in simulcast with Sports Match Director Oscar Lago Domínguez at the helm: This was the second final, after Kiev, to use simultaneous broadcasting in both 4K and HD quality.

Final of the UEFA Europa League

The MEDIAPRO Group also produced the international signal for the UEFA Europa League final which took place in Baku for the Turkish company Saran Media, the local host. A 70-strong team, from the production, audiovisual and technical departments at Mediapro Turkey, Medialuso and Eumovil Barcelona, travelled to the Azerbaijani capital to provide 4K and HD Simulcast production services. Equipment used included an OB van and 27 4K cameras, as well as 2 Steadycam, 1 SKYCam, 5 SuperSlow Motion and 2 Ultra Slow.

The UEFA chose MEDIAPRO as host broadcaster for the production and distribution of the host signal for all the finals the international body will hold this year, both at club and national level: UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Nations League and UEFA Super Cup.

GOL the go-to channel for the Women’s World Cup with more than 150 hours of special programing coverage

The channel is offering World Cup coverage with a host of female pundits including Natalia Arroyo, Danae Boronat and Sara Giménez

The Women’s World Cup in France which is set to run until July 7th can be watched exclusively live, free-to-air on GOL and GOL is the go-to channel for the tournament with the entire progam schedule devoted to the competition with more than 150 hours of special programing and comprehensive coverage of the Spanish team’s progress.

GOL has put together a select group of specialists to provide commentary for the Women’s World Cup. Iván Fanlo, Danae Boronat, Sara Giménez and Albert Moreno wil be in charge of the match commentary along with expert analysis Natalia Arroyo, the Catalan women’s team trainer and channel regular.

In-depth analysis both in the live match commentaries and the different programs across the channel with former internationals and Iberdrola League players such as Ruth García (Levante UD), Sonia Bermúdez (Levante UD), Ainhoa Tirapu (Athletic Club), Laura Del Río (Madrid CFF), Ana Romero Willy (Real Betis) and trainers such as Maria Pry (ex Real Betis).

Inma Rodríguez is GOL’s special correspondent in France following the Spanish National team providing viewers with all the latest news with interviews, training sessions and press conferences. The programs will also be offering all the latest tournament analysis with the channel’s panel of experts with the viewers getting the chance to interact with the network via the #MundialFemeninoEnGol hashtag.

The 100 YouTubers are back at Gamergy for a new edition of Battle Royale Fortnite

Stars Battle Royale will bring together 100 content creators at Gamergy, Spain’s most important e-sports event organised by IFEMA and LVP (MEDIAPRO Group)

The 10th edition of Gamergy, the e-sports event organised by LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) and IFEMA Feria de Madrid, has recently announced its banner act: Stars Battle Royale. Or, in other words, 100 high-profile content creators including LOLITO FDEZ., will be back at Gamergy for a new edition of Battle Royale Fortnite.

The Stars Battle Royale, as the second edition has been named, is organised by LVP and IFEMA together with Webedia and VIZZ, and is set to be played on Friday June 21st on a stage with a capacity of close to 2000 spectators, a 20% increase on last year’s event. The tickets are now available at 10€ a ticket, with those not able to attend Gamergy also getting the chance to follow the event via the channels of the content creators taking part. Stars Battle Royale is scheduled to kick off at 16:30.

Just as in last year’s event, a 100 of the world’s most famous content creators will be at Gamergy. Five Fortnite Battle Royale matches with a whole host of surprises and excitement in store and which LOLiTO FDEZ. and company will get the chance to enjoy a unique event here in Spain.

Orange, Font Vella, Philips OneBlade, Toy Partner, Domino’s Pizza and El Corte Inglés, Intel and Omen by HP are the lead sponsors of an event which will make history again at Gamergy.

LOLiTO FDEZ., the first to join the action

LOLiTO FDEZ., from Malaga, a content creator specialising in Fortnite and one of the big hits from the last edition, was the first to sign up for Stars Battle Royale. LOLiTO has invited the rest of the Spanish-speaking YouTubers to come to the second edition of the event which promises to be a huge success just like last year.  

The best ever edition
Gamergy reaches its tenth edition from June 21st to the 23rd and just as LVP and IFEMA promised, it will be the biggest and best event ever. The organisers recently announced that there would be more than 100,000 euros on offer, the highest prize-fund since it started. In addition, the Sunday will see the final of the Gamergy Masters Brawl Stars event in the Orange Arena, an international event which features the best teams in the world competing in the Supercell game.

Gamergy will, of course, be one of the venues for the Superliga Orange CS:GO and Clash Royale finals, the games’ official competitions. It will also play host to Spain’s best semi-pro tournaments for a dozen or so games as well as new activities which will give visitors the chance to win prizes.

Patricia Conde and Ángel Martín back at Globomedia with “Dar cera, pulir #0”

From June 4th on #0, every week, they’ll be taking a fun look at the series and programs on Movistar+ via channel surfing, sketches and cameos

Nobody is off limits on “Dar cera, pulir #0”, the new show produced by Movistar with the support of Globomedia and which sees the return to their origins of Patricia Conde and Ángel Martín, a water-shed moment in Spanish TV with their huge hit “Sé lo que hicisteis”, also produced by the THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO company. Everybody on the channel, all the content, everything that happens on Movistar+ is in Ángel Martín and Patricia Conde’s cross-hairs, and who are returning to #0 looking to come out fighting after a lengthy period off.

From the basement studio the program team will be looking at footage of programs, sport, film and network series to find the most note-worthy clips to show their bosses to prove they haven’t lost their touch. A program-hopping bonanza which will reveal things we never knew existed as well as parodies and belly-splitting sketches.

Ángel and Patricia will get to meet some of the actors and actresses who’ve appearted in network programs as they come down to the basement studio to defend themselves fase-to-face with their critics. Pepe Colubi has already appeared and next up is María Guerra and Pepa Blanes, followed by La Script and Raúl Gómez, and Maraton Man, among many others.

Viewers will also see how the presenters are transformed into guests on a lot of the programs on the platform or taking over from the regular presenters. Parodies of "Fame", “Game of Thrones ", and "Radio Gaga", and "Cuando ya no esté", are set to be the first to be parodied on "Dar Cera, Pulir #0".

Actors such as Mario Casas, Carlos Bardem, Luis Zahera and Mariam Hernández, as well as presenters and regular network guests such as Andreu Buenafuente, Paula Vázquez, Pepe Colubi, Jorge Ponce, Thais Villas, Antoni Daimiel, Quique Peinado, Manuel Burque, JJ Vaquero and Juanma Castaño, among others, have already featured in pre-recorded sketches for the program.

The end result is “Dar cera, pulir #0”, a 25-minute comedy show which will air weekly from June 4th at 10 in the evening on #0 (dial 7) over 6 weeks and is scheduled to return after the summer break.

First images from season two of “Side Games”, a THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and DIRECTV co-production

The nine episodes of the season directed by Daniel Calparsoro feature the Wanda Metropolitano as one of the highlights in terms of locations

The second season of Side Games is currently being shot in Madrid, co-produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and DIRECTV Latin America. Season one was a huge success and topped the ratings on OnDIRECTV, DIRECTV's exclusive channel for Latin America, as well as the digital lists of the DIRECTV Play pay TV platform, positioning the series with excellent results in on-demand format.

The DIRECTV Latin America and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO drama thriller, inspired by the novel by current LaLiga President, Javier Tebas El fútbol no es así (That’s Not What Football’s About), and Pedro Torrens, explores the darker side of professional football. Corruption, power, politics and money converge in this series directed by Daniel Calparsoro (To Steal from a Thief, Blinded, The Punishment) with season two set for release OnDIRECTV for Latin America in October and soon on Movistar’s #0 channel in Spain.

Side Games, which was acclaimed for its excellent production standards and contemporary storyline, will feature Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium as one of the highlights in this second season.

The screenwriting team, led by Abraham Sastre (Victim Nº 8, The Boarding School, Paco’s Men, and season one of Side Games), along with Calparsoro, have written the new 8-episode series in which they’ll portray the characters in-depth. The protagonists have shed the naiveté and defend their interests tooth-and-nail now that they’ve no qualms about the high price they must pay to achieve their ambitions.

Side Games, which also features screenwriters Germán Aparicio, Tom Fernández and Alejo Flah, has received widespread acclaim for expertly dramatizing stories inspired by real events. “The storyline of this second season, as well as the new characters, will definitely be giving us something to talk about soon", commented Willard Tressel, General Manager of OnDIRECTV.

"In the second season we’ve added more depth to the characters and female protagonists are empowered," explained Daniel Calparsoro, "We introduce irony as a new element, insofar as the characters are facing extreme situations head on, but they suffer less because they’re no longer first-timers. Cynicism and irony pervade the show’s tone hovering above the purest and darkest drama".

The main cast from season one, led by Roberto Enríquez, Patricia Vico, Pedro Casablanc, Mariam Álvarez, María Molins, José Ángel Egido, Andrés Gertrudix, María de Nati and Joaquín Abad, among others, will be bolstered by new characters from Latin America, including Mexico’s Roberto Romano and Argentinians Agustín Pardella, Juan Martín Gravina and Noelia Castaño.

Filming underway of “Por H o por B/Whatever”, a Manuela Burló Moreno comedy, for HBO Europe

A 10-epsiode series produced by Lacoproductora and Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)

HBO Europe is adding to its growing Spanish slate with "Por H o por B/Whatever (w/t)", an original comedy written and directed by Manuela Burló Moreno and starring Marta Martín and Saida Benzal. "Por H o por B" takes the characters from Burló Moreno's Goya-nominated short film "Pipas", with Martín and Benzal reprising their roles as friends Hache and Belén. The 10-part half-hour series is produced by Lacoproductora and Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) for HBO Europe.

After a few years of not speaking to each other, childhood friends Hache and Belén are reunited and find themselves living in the hipster Madrid neighbourhood of Malasaña, a far cry from their roots on the outskirts of the city. The inevitable culture clash leads to a cataclysm of ridiculous and awkward consequences as they navigate their friendship, and the fake new world they're now a part of.

Shooting has started in Madrid, with Brays Efe, Itziar Castro, Javier Bódalo and Fernando Albizu also joining the cast.

As well as the acclaimed short film "Pipas", Burló Moreno has written and directed feature films "Rumbos" and "Cómo sobrevivir a una despedida", and several other internationally award-winning shorts.

Burló Moreno says: "Por H o por B shows the reality of that extra layer we all wear to try to fulfil our sense of belonging, although we all know that the best thing is to be our true selves. The series is about the search and need to belong, and the thin line between what's cool and what's not. All this through the main character's eyes, two girls from Parla who will do their best to survive in the most hipster neighbourhood of the capital."

Miguel Salvat, Commissioning Editor of Original Programming of HBO España, says: "In Por H o por B we're diving into the culture of appearances, ephemeral trends, and things that confound us daily that we don't dare to question. It's a story of two fish out of water, culture clashes, being awkward, or not caring about being awkward, about identity and the need to belong. Manuela has lived many of the situations we will see. She knows what she's talking about and how to tell this story. There are many Malasañas around the world. Por H o por B is universal and local at the same time. A fresh new voice is arriving to HBO."

Antony Root, EVP of Programming and Production, HBO Europe, says: "We're excited to have Manuela bring her original perspective and vision for this series to HBO Europe. In Por H o por B she's created a comedy and characters that will be recognisable and relatable for our audiences both in Spain and beyond. It's the perfect addition to our burgeoning Spanish originals slate which boasts an incredible range of local voices and a broad mix of genres, we're confident audiences of all tastes will have a favourite amongst them."

"Por H o por B" is a Lacoproductora and Globomedia production for HBO Europe, with Jorge Pezzi and Javier Pons executive producers.

Executive Producers for HBO Europe are Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews and Antony Root.

The series will premiere simultaneously across all HBO Europe territories.

“The Zone of Hope”, the exhibition is to be extended as a consequence of excellent visitor reviews

The exhibition designed by MEDIAPRO for Aigües de Barcelona will have been open to the public for close to two years

The feed-back from visitors to “The Zone of Hope” has seen its current display extended at the Reial Cercle Artístic in Barcelona until the November 30th this year. Opened in January 2018 and originally scheduled to come to a close on January 20th 2019, this is the second time it has been extended as a consequence of visitor demand. In total, it will have been open to the public for close to two years.

“The Zone of Hope” is based on a Mediapro Brands original idea developed by Mediapro Exhibitions for Aigües de Barcelona. For the first time in Europe, the MEDIAPRO Group has created an Extreme Immersive Experience with technology capable of combining real and virtual space.

The exhibition allows the visitor to experience cold, heat and wind as well as walking through the inside of a glacier and a host of other interactive elements. Visitors are taken to different places and time periods with a unique multi-sensorial total immersion experience in which everyone can physically see and feel each individual space. The exhibition also integrates 3D geo-positioning sound effects as the visitor walks through the different displays. The visitor gets to experience a unique immersive sound environment which perfectly complements the visual elements.

Mediacloud receives the Cloud Verified VMware certification, a world leader in data-center virtualization software

It become the first Spanish company to be awarded the distinction

The IT subsidiary specialising in Cloud Services in the MEDIAPRO Group has recently received Cloud Verified VMware certification, a world leader in virtualization software. This type of software is used by data-centres to manage computing, memory, warehousing and connection services.

The VMware Cloud Verified certification earmarks Mediacloud as a global specialist in Cloud business management as well as becoming the first Spanish company to receive the distinction and one of just 500 around the world.

This award sees Mediacloud become a further bench-mark for the provision of Cloud services, deploying the whole specturm of VMware tools and expertise for the managment of an advanced IT structure.

Mediacloud is capable of providing offering its IT services to any type of organization and company looking to leverage the latest cutting-edge technology.

With this certification Mediacloud continues to strengthen its position as one of the bench-mark IT companies in high-performance contexts with services such as multi-cloud managment, advanced 24/7 cyber-security, disaster management and massive data analysis as well as Business Intelligence.

PHOTO: Sara Ayats (VMware) and Gustau Serra (Mediacloud)

Mediapro Brands produces the final of the Danone Nations Cup 2019

The biggest under-13’s football tournament in the world

Mediapro Brands, together with Mediatem, produced a variety of different content for both online and TV production of the matches from the 20 teams taking part, 12 boys’ games and 8 girls’ matches. This year’s tournament, which took place from May 31st to June 2nd at the Valencia CF training ground, was a special one as it coincided with Danone, the competition organiser’s, centenary year.

All the matches were screened on, and (Esport TV3) as well as the semi-finals and finals on GOL, making it a great weekend for youth football.

The winning teams, RCD Espanyol in the girls’ competition and FC Barcelona in the boys’, will represent Spain in the world finals set to be held in Barcelona on October 12th 2019.
The event saw the presence of David Albelda, the former Valencia CF palyer and LaLiga ambassador and Paula Nicart, a Valencia CF and Spanish team player.

The DNC has the support of FIFA, the Spanish Sports Federations as well as the Ministry of Sport and Education.

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